Ms. M is a wonderful and knowledgeable tutor. She has been an enormous help to my family. Any family would be fortunate to have her! My children have loved learning from her. She prepares her students to understand, love, and excel in math.

Wendy Browder

(Greenwich, CT)

Ms. M is an excellent tutor with extensive experience. She is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and clearly loves teaching. I would highly recommend in her for high school Math and all SAT/ACT sections!!

Dr. Venu Channamsetty

(Stamford, CT)

Ms. M is very knowledgeable and an excellent tutor. She is very nice and flexible. She builds a very good relationship with her students and is very approachable. She is helping my daughter with Pre-Calculus and my daughter is enjoying it very much. She guides her with her assignments and gives her lot of practice.  She communicates effectively with her students and parents as well by constantly staying in touch with them. I highly recommend her!!

Monica Malhotra

(Stamford, CT)

Ms. M has tutored my son in pre-calc and was immensely helpful in explaining to him the different topics. She guided him on his assignments and gave him enough practice so that he could have a better understanding of the subject.

Nibetia Sen

(Trumbull, CT)

Ms. M has a variety of experiences in teaching math to a wide range of students for many years. She offers her creative math instructions to students who make significant progress in learning math with depth, understanding and interest. 

Mineko Chiba (Japanese school teacher)

(Greenwich, CT)

Ms. M's Math tutoring is very comprehensive and patient. I love working with her because she is very nice and flexible. She approaches maths problems with serveral ways to solve the problem, which makes it easier to understand concepts. I enjoy working with Ms. M.

Victoria (AP Calculus Student)

(Greenwich, CT)

I highly recommend Ms. M as a math tutor. She has helped both our children improve in math, immensely. Their strengthened math skills reflected in their school work, and math placement tests, significantly. For instance, Ms. M taught our son the precalculus foundational course that is normally taught over the span of an entire school year, in 8-weeks. Our son then took the math placement test and succeeded in being placed in the higher level course which he’d aspired to achieve. Ms. M’s commitment, reliability and expertise made this success possible. We are forever grateful.

For our daughter, Ms. M met our daughter at the skill level she was at. Ms. M worked patiently and consistently with our daughter, who’s least favorite subject was math. Ms. M always encouraged and helped her, never giving up. Soon, our daughter started looking forward to math time with Ms. M. Over her 8 months of work with Ms. M, our daughter’s confidence in math skyrocketed and she finished her year with an A. 

If you’re considering a tutor for your child, Ms. M is an excellent choice.

Jessica Depardieu 

(Darien, CT)

“Knowledgeable and patient tutor”

Ms. M has been tutoring my son  for the past 2 years. She has a thorough knowledge of algebra, Pre Calculus and Calculus. She is also very pleasant to work with.

My son liked math but was not able to score as per his caliber. He did Pre-Calculus Honors with her last year and AP Calculus with her this year. And with Ms. M’s constant support he scored a 100% in his 4th Quarter and an overall of 95% in AP Calculus BC in his junior year.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional tutoring.

Stamford, CT

Ms. M is a great math tutor, she helped my son to understand the math and gain more confident in doing math problems. She also frequently communicates with the parents. Very flexible and patient. She also provide lots of worksheet for practice. So glad that have her be my son tutor so that I don’t have to worry about his math anymore.😊 

Alice Yeung

(Honolulu, Hawaii)

My son has been taking tuitions from Ms. M for Algebra 1 and 2, and I can see tremendous growth in his understanding towards Maths. Since Covid hit, he lost his confidence and was scared of Maths, she made sure that he understood the concepts and while boosting his confidence in Maths. I am very grateful that I found a teacher like Ms. M who not only gives complete attention to the child’s but also made sure that his grades improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to gain confidence about Maths in their child.

Tarandeep Narula

(Stamford, CT)

Ms. M has been and still is helping our son  achieve great results in Pre Calculus and Calculus. She also understands the relationship and trust required to make the learning happen. Excellent and Highly recommend!!

Pooja Gupta

(Stamford, CT)

Ms. M’s experience has proven invaluable in helping to simplify math concepts for our son and help him find success in class. She has also been collaborative with his teacher and coordinated her efforts to give him true confidence heading into each and every test.

Nick Mhley

Ms. M has been tutoring my daughter in Algebra2 Hon. She helped my daughter to gain confidence and improve her math score.She is very knowledgeable and offers to help whenever we need via zoom call outide class hours and very flexible. She also provides frequent update to the parents. She gives lots of worksheets for practice. I highly recommend her for Math tutoring.

Barani B 

(Darien, CT)